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                Integration into the international market, creating international brands, business strategy and gradually transition from a manufacturing-driven drive to create, Regionalization drive from the market to drive the market and international brand transition from efficiency-driven drive the transition to social responsibility, And through global brand network, marketing, management, human resources and other areas, so that the "existence" of the most widely recognized brand, to build a world-class electrical fittings business.

                • Service philosophy

                  Yonggu will focus on standard setting, users Guardian, value creators, corporate mission, is committed to being a world-class transmission and distribution systems service provider.

                • Download Center

                  Industry covering electrical fittings, cable accessories and transmission and distribution equipment, is a research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the transmission ...

                • Marketing Services

                  Yonggu developed into low-voltage distribution network from fittings to UHV gold with full coverage of the company, thus laying a leading enterprise in the industry.

                Committed to customers, employees, shareholders passed the leading values, common development and common progress; to fulfill our social responsibility to do a good corporate citizen;
                To promote social progress and technological innovation, leading the creation of advanced management, science and technology, culture and global brand, and promote common prosperity and development of society;
                Adhering to employee-oriented, personal development and business development financial integration, to create the industry's first-class team, train the industry elite talent.

                Yonggu Group Co., Ltd.
                (Headquarters) Address: 328 twenty Road, Yueqing, Zhejiang
                Tel:0577- 61756666
                Fax:0577- 61761666
                E-mail:[email protected]
                Shanghai Yonggu Power Equipment Co., Ltd.
                Addres:Fengxian District No. 488 Doo Road Jinhui Town
                Zip Code:201404
                E-mail:[email protected]
                Yonggu Metal Products Co., Ltd.
                Address: Shangrao City in Jiangxi Yiyang County, South Industrial Park
                Tel:0793-5905899 5905998
                Fax:0793-5905899 5905898
                Zip Code:334400
                E-mail:[email protected]
                Yonggu Transmission and Distribution Equipment Co., Ltd.
                Address: Lishui pavilion Zone Xianxia Road
                Zip Code:323000
                Zhejiang Yonggu Cable Accessories Ltd.
                Address: Sunbeam Sunbeam Road Town Industrial Zone, Liu Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province No. 180
                Zip Code:323000
                E-mail:[email protected]